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Rest in God

: “How did you develop the ability to remain so quiet and peaceful as you teach?” asked one of the young people attending our seminar in Santo Domingo.

That’s a question I heard many times while teaching on college campuses. Through the years I’ve developed the ability to relax in Father’s presence during my lectures and in private time with students. I learned to trust him to speak what they needed to hear. That doesn’t mean I didn’t prepare for classes, but, having prepared I simply settled into the bosom of Father while I teach and while I talk with students after class.

It was like a shot in the arm for me when about 25 college age young people came to our lectures. They had a day off from the ministry they were involved with. They were going to minister to eleven different nations over eleven months with a ministry called World Race. I asked one of them if it was like YWAM. She said it’s like YWAM on steroids.

Since leaving the college campus I’ve been going through withdrawal. Working with young people had been my life for over 40 years. These kids were like sponges drinking in the word we were sharing. Don Richter, AJ Baisch and I were there to train pastors and leaders in leadership principles. All three of us were impressed with how attentive and engaged these young people were. They were full of pointed questions during the breaks. It was during one of these breaks one of them raised the above question.

The answer is really simple, though it isn’t easy to apply. The Scriptures that speak of waiting on God are all about becoming so intimately connected to God that his presence and leading determine our attitude and our activity. It doesn’t say, “Wait for God to do something,” it says, “Wait upon God.” Dying to the self-life, dying to the desire to have our way precedes the ability to enter into his rest.

When we are insecure in ourselves we focus on the problem and the solution rather than on the presence of Father. That focus disconnects us from the source of the resolution. If we think we have to prove our brilliance, our ability or our power, we will end up wounding others and completely missing the will of God in the situation. Instead of mounting up with wings as eagles, we dismount and become tired and irritable.

Hopefully the guy who asked the question understood enough to begin his journey into that level of connection which allows this active rest. “Active rest,” that’s actually the meaning of the concept of Sabbath. In the Hebrew thinking, the day begins at sundown. Adam and Eve were created last on the sixth day, so their first day was Sabbath. They entered into rest in what God had already done.

We were all born into a world of sin and alienation. It’s a struggle for us to enter into this rest, but those who are serious about life in the Spirit will gladly pay the price. We don’t joyfully crucify the flesh with its passions and desires. It’s a lifelong journey, so don’t expect results overnight.

Ministry trips like this one to the DR would not be possible without the friends of On Word Ministries and their generous offerings. Thanks to all of you who have contributed regularly through the years. And thanks to those who recently began to support On Word financially.

Looking forward,
Fount Shults, President and Founder
On Word Ministries

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Third School Begins

There are more mountains and hills on the way to the third BEDTS school. We had to go through five tunnels to get to the building where the school is. It took almost an hour by car. So, one school is about an hour west and one is about an hour south and east from where we stay. This will give you an idea how big Seoul is.

Easter Sunday was very peaceful here in Korea. We “go to church” six days a week while we are over here. Sunday is a day to catch up on rest. It seems odd to not be in church on Easter Sunday, but we worship him and teach in the Korean community every day through the week. This Easter was time with him privately, just being in his presence.

Sunday evening one of the school leaders, Paul Choi, took us to a Korean restaurant for dinner. We have become very good friends with him through the years we’ve been coming here. We had our translator with us so we were able to communicate. We enjoyed our time with him as we age Bulgogi and Kimchi, one of our favorite foods over here.

His adult daughter had a stroke and is in the hospital. He and his wife have been taking turns staying at the hospital to be with her. His wife spends the day there and he spends the night. We had an opportunity to pray for her and for him. He was greatly encouraged and comforted by our prayer ministry. Our Father God touched him deeply. He recorded our prayer for his daughter on his phone so he could take it to the hospital for her to hear. Modern technology is awesome (for those who have learned to use it).

As I write this, I am reminded of another incident several years ago. The lady who was the leader of all the schools at that time had a son in the US who was having difficulty with a leadership situation. She had us pray for him. When we were through praying for her son, she pushed a button on her phone and informed us she had emailed our prayer to her son in Washington State. How awesome is that?

More will come later this week.

Looking forward,
Fount and Lynda Shults

First School Complete

04/16/2014 3 comments

Our driver wound her way through several narrow side streets. There was hardly room for one car, yet we were facing other cars that were making it two-way traffic. She had to pull into a little niche while the other cars passed, then move forward a few yards and pull aside for another group of cars coming at us. The little korean shops on each side were bustling with customers as many pedestrians were also walking in the narrow street to find their way to their destination. We had just completed the first of four YWAM BEDTS (Business Egals Discipleship Training School) groups we will share with this year here in Seoul, Korea.

As we approached the apartment where we are staying, Lynda and I were remembering how the deep weeping and wailing had shifted to peace and joy as they experienced intimacy with our Father in response to the prayer ministry. The word of healing and deliverance had deeply impacted the students as our Father God came to free them from the emotional pain they were carrying, pain they didn’t even know they had before our lectures and personal  testimonies brought it to the surface. Jesus proved himself to be the burden-bearer once again and students experienced personal freedom.

Our second school is a night school. There are fewer students, but our expectation is that Father’s love will flow through the isles into the hearts of those who are attending. We have been with the leader of this school, Paul Choi, several times. He has become a good friend and we look forward to sharing in his school each time the main office assigns us to the Gang Seo evening school. We are expecting this group to experience Father’s embrace as the first school did.

Looking forward,

Fount and Lynda Shults

Arrived and Ready

04/13/2014 1 comment

Our flight to Korea was good; every plane was on schedule and arrived at its destination a bit early. The flight from Detroit to Seoul took almost 14 hours. We were going toward the sun, so the sun never set. We arrived at about 6:25 pm, almost 24 hours after take-off from Myrtle Beach at 7:00 am. We were able to rest well Friday night (which would be Friday morning in SC). Our Father is good to us.

Our first problem was to find a way to have internet available. There is Wi-Fi available in our apartment. The person who picked us up at the airport thought no password would be needed, and we were too tired to pursue it that night. Saturday morning we discovered that a password is needed and no one was available to give it to us

He said to email him if we had any questions and he gave us the phone number of the manager of the guest house. Without the password we could not email him. There is no phone in the apartment, so we could not call to get the password. So we went to Starbucks and used the internet (with Lynda’s notebook) to inform friends and family we had arrived safely.

It was my intention to go to Starbucks Sunday morning to get on Facebook and to email and find out what the password is. I went to several different shops including Starbucks. Coffee shops do not open on Sundays here. (Can you believe it?) So I got exercise walking up and down the streets of Seoul, but still no internet. The grocery store was also closed on Sundays.

Late Sunday afternoon the guest house manager came and gave us the password, but I waited until early Monday morning to post this blog.

Our first teaching for the YWAM BEDTS (Business Egals Discipleship Training School)  begins this morning at 10:00am and the driver will pick us up at 9:30. In spite of all this we had the weekend to relax and prepare ourselves for the ministry ahead of us these two weeks.

I will keep you informed as things develop here. Keep us in your prayers

Looking forward,
Fount Shults
President and founder, On Word Ministries

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Korea, Here We Come

Lynda and I are on our way to Korea again. This will be ten years in a row we have been in Seoul. We usually teach at four or five different YWAM schools that cater to business men and women. We minister to some of the top leaders in that area, including doctors, lawyers, college professors, presidents and CEOs of businesses. There are usually from 80 to 100 students in each of the classes. This is the highlight of our year every time.

We teach on Bitter Roots and minister emotional and spiritual healing. Every year there are many who experience a significant breakthrough in their lives during our ministry time. We also train teams to do the ministry. We can touch many more as the ones we train do what we have done.

We will be posting blogs during our time in Korea to keep you informed of how things are going. Those of you who read our Morning Meditations will find the blogs instead of the meditations on days when there is not time for both.

Please hold us up in prayer.

Fount Shults

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