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Father’s Delight

“I don’t know why I keep crying,” she said. The tears continued to flow. It was the first time we had seen one another for several years.

She had been among those students who looked to me as their “favorite teacher” while she was in my classes. (Students tend to gravitate to those teachers they can relate to best.) She had begun to tear up when I agreed with her that I was more than a teacher on the campus. I was a father to the students and pastored those who were in my classes. She knew I cared for their personal development beyond what they might learn (or not learn) in class.

She had returned to minister to people in her home country after she received training here in the States. She was finally able to return to the States after several years. I had driven several hours to spend some with her. We had been sharing together how our Father has been leading each of us since she left the campus. She had matured and was touching the lives of many, ministering to them as I had ministered to many students. As her teacher, I was delighted to see she was advancing in God.

As I shared how God was taking me into a new phase of ministry focusing more on the world at large rather than a college campus, she often broke into tears again. She expressed her delight that many others would be exposed to what she had experienced under my teaching. But when I said I would love to come to her country to share with her group, the floodgates opened. She obviously loves her people.

We both felt that something else was moving beneath the surface. We couldn’t put it into words, but we both knew it was very deep. Part of it was the delight she was experiencing just being present as I was sharing new insights. Another part was my delight in hearing what she was doing among her people. There was also the mutual love and delight we both have in our Father and in one another. Delight! That’s the best word to describe what we were both feeling. But there was more, and we both knew it.

It wasn’t until after we parted and I was driving home that it occurred to me what was happening. I have become a father in the faith after years of teaching and working with students. There are many who see me in that light, some even call me Papa. That’s because Father God expresses his fatherhood through me as I speak to his sons and daughters. So, here is what I saw:

She was soaking up the love like a sponge, and she was delighting in my presence as she sensed Father’s presence in me. Love was flowing both ways. As I meditated on the experience, I suddenly saw what was happening beneath the surface. I was experiencing the delight our Father has when his sons and daughters receive his love and delight in his presence. I was “in the Father” experiencing Father’s emotion of delight as I released his love to her. It was like our Father God was embracing us both.

John addressed the children, the young men and the fathers in the faith in his first epistle. As we grow in Christ, we mature from being children to being the youth then to being fathers and mothers in the faith. “I am writing to you fathers,” John said, “because you know (intimately experience) him who is from the beginning” (I Jn. 2”13). I now understand that text in a new light.

My challenge to all who read this blog: Receive Father’s love and release it to everyone who will receive it. It’s the sharing of his love that triggers the growth process in the spiritual life. Those who receive and never give will never grow beyond babes in Christ.

Fount Shults

President, On Word Ministries,


Follow Up on Our New Direction

In our last blog we outlined the new direction On Word Ministries is taking. On Word is joining hands with Win Ministries in bringing quality biblical and practical teachings to leaders and potential leaders in third world countries. You can read about them on their website is  Qualified leaders will be able to receive college level teaching free of charge for the first year and only $5.00 after that. An associates Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree will be available to those who complete the various levels of training.

We are now international missionaries based in the United States.e

We failed to mention two things in the previous blog. Firstly, we did not make it clear that Lynda and I will continue to be available for prayer ministry. As time permits, we will continue to minister to individuals who are seeking personal freedom from issues that cause problems in their life. Our Father has blessed us with insight on how to effectively bring people into the presence of Jesus to receive healing and divergence. We will not neglect to make that gift available to the Body of Christ. We will also continue to be available for seminars and retreats when we are in the States.

Secondly, we did not clarify how to respond to the news. If you want to keep up with our journey and pray for us, there are several ways to do that.

1. You may enter your email address above to the right,

2. You may ‘friend’ us on Facebook (Fount Lee Shults),

3. You may “like” our Facebook page (On Word Ministries)

4. You may email us at or write us at 106 Ashford Ct, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29588.

If you desire to partner with us financially in reaching leaders with quality teachings, you may donate through our website, by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button. You may also send checks, payable to On Word Ministries, to the above address. All donations are tax-deductible.

We have a very small overhead, so you can be assured that your offering will go directly to our support. All of it will be used to advance the Kingdom rather that to pay office staff. We have no employees, and our office space is provided free of charge by Pastor AJ Baisch of Harvest Community Church.

One final note: I will return to the blog series on Orphan Thinking as soon as I finish working on the notes for students of the courses I recorded last summer. Brick Cliff, the president of Win Ministries, wants me to do several other courses next spring, so there will be another busy time later. Thank you for bearing with us in this time of transition.

Looking Forward,

Fount Shults

President and Founder

On Word Ministries

New Vision

09/11/2012 7 comments

Lynda and I are entering a new phase of ministry. The first part of our time together was spent with me studying Biblical Content, Biblical History, Biblical Languages, Church History and Theology. Then the college professor era began. I taught Bible and Theology on college campuses for 40 years while Lynda was raising our six children (with some help from me). We retired from the college campus in 2004, but did not retire from ministry. At that time Lynda joined with me in the ministry. For eight years we have been traveling among the churches teaching and doing prayer ministry together.

During those eight years we have known something new was on its way, a new direction and a new vision for our latter years. That new thing became clear to me while I was recording some teachings for Nation 2 Nation Christian University in Harlingen, Texas. Brick Cliff, the founder and president of the school invited me to be the Academic Dean of the University and assist him in establishing schools in 3rd World countries. I accepted the challenge and adopted the vision.

Lynda and I are now international missionaries based in the United States. If you want more details on the vision, go to and look it over. Brick gives a clear statement of the vision in the “About Us” link. They should have a new website for the University up before the end of the year.

The focus of the vision is on nations where pastors are poor and have no seminary training. They are definitely called to pastor, but they need training. The N2N University will make the teachings and credits available to leaders and potential leaders in 3rd World countries free of charge for the first year and for $4.00 a year after that. The reason for the freebie is that leaders in those nations have no money and no time to go away for seminary training.

That means there will be no financial remuneration for the services I render and no money for travel expenses. Like all missionaries, we will need to raise support for travel and for living expenses. If you would like to partner with us in prayer or with financial help, or if you simply want to stay in touch with this development, please respond to this message. We will put you on the list of those who want to keep up with what we are doing and where we are going.

Looking Forward,
Dr. Fount Shults
Academic Dean
Nation 2 Nation Christian University