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Report on Africa Trip

11/28/2015 1 comment

In early November AJ Baisch and I were privileged to speak at three seminars in Kenya. When we returned I had only two “work days” before I was scheduled to go to West Boylston, MA for a weekend ministry, then Thanksgiving came with a visit from our oldest son, LeRon, from Norway. I say all this as an “apology” for being so long to report on the Africa trip.

Harvest Preparation International Ministries (HPIM) sent AJ and me as a team to Kenya. They had arranged and promoted the seminars so that all we had to do was show up and teach. Our assigned topic was “Sent as Pure Light into Darkness.” Each of our three seminars attracted pastors and bishops from several different denominations. Without knowing the diversity of the groups, we spoke of the need for unity of the Spirit before our light would have any effect.

Our teaching and preaching dovetailed into one another with a great impact on the leaders present. It was like AJ’s preaching prepared the ground for my teaching and my teaching prepared the ground for his next message. All this was without any plan on our part. AJ is more like a motivator and I am more like an encourager. His messages motivated people to move “as one” and mine encouraged people to go forward in the unity of the kingdom.

At times, in all three seminars, we could almost feel the atmosphere vibrating with energy from what our Father was doing among the church leaders. We learned afterward that there had been some disunity and lack of cooperation hovering among them when the meetings were being planned. According to the reports of the bishops in charge of arranging the meetings, that disunity was healed completely by the time the sessions were over.

There were pastors and bishops from Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. I overheard a mention of one from The Congo, but I’m not certain. At any rate, the impact of our messages will make a difference in several of the nations in Africa.

Thanks to all of you who provided finances and prayed for us on this trip. We could not do what we do without your support and encouragement. Our “in country expenses” exceeded what we planned for. If we go again, we will be prepared.

On December 7 I will be going to Kenya again with N2NCU to participate in the graduation of about 1,000 students with an Associate’s Degree and some with a Bachelor’s Degree. If you would like to partner with us on this trip, send your check to On Word Ministries, 106 Ashford Ct, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 or go online and send it through our website: www.

Looking forward,
Fount Shults, President and Founder of On Word Ministries


My Vision Revisied

05/28/2015 2 comments

I was meditating on my financial situation and felt I need to share publically what I heard.

First, I will give a background so you will understand my heart. For many years I have refused to promote myself and my ministry. I thought that would be self-serving. I firmly believe that when Father guides, he provides. That has proven to be the case for me through my whole life. For example, Father prompted me to finish the Dissertation for the PhD and not to seek employment until it was done. It took me about 18 months to finish. Even though I started with only about two hundred dollars, all my financial needs were taken care of without my asking anyone for help. We had our fourth child during that period. The Doctor was paid in the fifth month and the Hospital bill was paid before we went. People didn’t even know I was unemployed.

Various leaders in my life have told me I need to promote myself if I want others to support me. My response is always the same, “I can’t do that.” The reason is not that I am unable; I cannot bring myself to self-promotion without losing my sense of integrity. Others may have permission form Father to do that; I do not. As a result, I have lived ‘hand-to-mouth’ as long as I remember. I am ok with that, but I have a vision beyond what is presently coming in to On Word Ministries. I firmly believe the vision is from God.

My Father has provided for every ministry trip I have made to train leaders in developing nations. Sometimes that provision came from others; sometimes I had enough to do it on my own. That is evidence that the vision is from God as far as I can see. I have hesitated to ask for funds for my personal livelihood as a missionary based in the States. I know that all of you have your own needs. So I have not asked even though the leaders who are close to me have encouraged me to ask. “You have not because you ask not,” they say. I know that is biblical, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Why?

This is what brought me to the meditation I mentioned above. “If the vision is from God,” I ask myself, “then why are finances so tight? Father has provided for my needs without my asking even when I was unemployed. What is different here and now?” As I was in the presence of Father with these questions, the following came to me:

“People don’t give to needs, they give to vision.” I remembered this statement which I have heard from leaders who are very successful in raising funds, and I believe it’s true. But I sensed there was something else. So I waited. “This is not about what I need; it’s not even about what I do in training leaders in other countries. It’s about vision.” However, I have made my vision very clear on Facebook and on my blog. Working with Nation 2 Nation Christian University and with Harvest Preparation International gives me an opportunity to do what I’m called, commissioned and sent to do. So what’s missing?

This is what I heard, “People give to what they believe in. They give to what they feel is worthwhile.” There are two things here: the belief system and the feelings. The belief system is in the head, the feelings are in the heart. People will say they believe in the vision, but if they don’t feel connected, they don’t give. If what I believe resonates with what others believe, their heart will feel what my heart feels. This brought me to a personal challenge: “What do I really believe? What do I really feel?”

I believe that the living and active Word of God will change the social and political atmosphere when it is spoken by the Spirit. I have over 50 years’ experience speaking the Word and changing the lives of young people on college campuses. I believe this world-changing Word which the Father has given me will begin to do for nations what it has done for students. I believe this Word will continue to influence nations through the video recordings long after I have passed over to the other side of reality.

That’s what I believe and that’s what I feel. I believe it and feel it so strongly that I have been willing to go on several short-term mission trips at my own expense even when that left me short in my personal ‘bottom line.’ I have a passion to see leaders in developing nations receive the training they need but can’t afford. I will continue to do what I do because I believe what I believe and have a passion to see it happen.

Our website is being updated to reflect this passion. It will be up and running as soon as we get it built. Meanwhile, feel free to visit the website and listen to the free teachings available on the ‘listen to Fount’ tab. We are serious about keeping it free.

Looking forward,
Fount Shults
President and Founder: On Word Ministries

Ministry Report

02/28/2015 2 comments


Our ministry continues to expand. We taught at the School of the Word in Harlan, Indiana during the first three weeks of February and participated in the Leaders Alive International conference in the same city during the last week of February.

The majority of the leaders and lay leaders who came to the conference are from a Mennonite or Amish background. It is an honor to be part of the spiritual growth of these who are experiencing the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. Their hunger for the Word of God is obvious by their responses during the sharing time as well as the conversations during the breaks.

I saw the awesome work-ethic of these people transferred to the things of the kingdom of God. The memories of these times will become part of my life and teaching in the coming days.


Last summer we were part of a team that went to Santo Domingo to train leaders from all over the Dominican Republic. Our ministry was not yet known there, so the attendance was not as large as we expected (about 50 leaders with several locals). But there were some there who represented several other groups. They were “checking us out” to see if their people would receive benefit from our teachings.

There was a very positive response, and the leaders from other groups assured us that they would have their leadership at our next seminar. That seminar is scheduled for April 28 – May 1. Our expenses will include $500.00 for airfare, $100.00 for lodging and food and about $100.00 for travel etc.


Pastors and evangelists all over East Africa are presently enrolled in our N2N courses and working toward their Associates Degree. They are learning powerful principles for sharing their faith an advancing the kingdom of God. These pastors lead over 3,000 churches in Kenya and will take teach these principles to over a million believers.


Through our Community Development program they are also learning and teaching how to improve the health and environment of their people. They are learning how to grow their own vegetables, how to purify water, create fire bricks with waste as well as how to take care of their animals and farms. The Community Development program is already being used as an evangelistic tool because their unsaved neighbors are asking questions.

In December of this year we will have our first graduation ceremony for those who will have completed the requirements for the Associates Degree and a few who will have completed the requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree. We are expecting around 300 graduates.


We are grateful to those of you who have held us up in prayer and supported us financially. We would not be able to do what we do without the support of the Body of Christ. After 40 years of teaching on college campus and training young people for the ministry, we are finally getting an opportunity to do what we trained others to do.

Thank you for your continued support.

Looking forward,

Fount Shults, President, On Word ministries

Academic Dean, Nation 2 Nation Christian University

Follow Up on Our New Direction

In our last blog we outlined the new direction On Word Ministries is taking. On Word is joining hands with Win Ministries in bringing quality biblical and practical teachings to leaders and potential leaders in third world countries. You can read about them on their website is  Qualified leaders will be able to receive college level teaching free of charge for the first year and only $5.00 after that. An associates Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree will be available to those who complete the various levels of training.

We are now international missionaries based in the United States.e

We failed to mention two things in the previous blog. Firstly, we did not make it clear that Lynda and I will continue to be available for prayer ministry. As time permits, we will continue to minister to individuals who are seeking personal freedom from issues that cause problems in their life. Our Father has blessed us with insight on how to effectively bring people into the presence of Jesus to receive healing and divergence. We will not neglect to make that gift available to the Body of Christ. We will also continue to be available for seminars and retreats when we are in the States.

Secondly, we did not clarify how to respond to the news. If you want to keep up with our journey and pray for us, there are several ways to do that.

1. You may enter your email address above to the right,

2. You may ‘friend’ us on Facebook (Fount Lee Shults),

3. You may “like” our Facebook page (On Word Ministries)

4. You may email us at or write us at 106 Ashford Ct, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29588.

If you desire to partner with us financially in reaching leaders with quality teachings, you may donate through our website, by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button. You may also send checks, payable to On Word Ministries, to the above address. All donations are tax-deductible.

We have a very small overhead, so you can be assured that your offering will go directly to our support. All of it will be used to advance the Kingdom rather that to pay office staff. We have no employees, and our office space is provided free of charge by Pastor AJ Baisch of Harvest Community Church.

One final note: I will return to the blog series on Orphan Thinking as soon as I finish working on the notes for students of the courses I recorded last summer. Brick Cliff, the president of Win Ministries, wants me to do several other courses next spring, so there will be another busy time later. Thank you for bearing with us in this time of transition.

Looking Forward,

Fount Shults

President and Founder

On Word Ministries

Mexico Report

We are back in the States now. Ready for the next project.

The Mexico trip was very successful. I ministered to a leadership group from the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Ther were about 450 pastors and leaders there. I sharred on the principles Lynda and I use in prayer ministry and many of the leaders received a level of freedom.

I also sharred at three churches in Morelia, Mexico where the leaders were gathered. All the teachings were centered around the same theme and the leaders were encouraged to get the CD’s from the teachings they were not able to attend. The results will continue as these men and women go back to their local churches and share with their people.

Our Next Project:

A pastor in Pakistan invited me to preach to his church through Skype this Fraiday (morning our time). This will be a new experience for me. Pray that the translator will get the heart of the message and communicate clearly to their people.

I will keep you posted.


Mexico Ministry Continues

07/26/2011 2 comments

Sunday I preached at one of the churches in Morelia. The church had two services and our Father ministered to the hearts of the people. Many, especially the leadership, expressed appreciation for what they personally received from our Father.

Monday they took me to a property where they are building a Christian University.  The only buildings on the site at this time  are some huts built to similate a missionary environment in Africa. The first students in the university are being trained for missions whild living in huts much like they will encounter when they go to Africa. On the compound there is only one restroom (a hole in the floor), a kitchen, two small ‘dorms’ and a meeting room, all with adobe type walls and a dirt floor covered with a carpet. 

The leadership had asked me to share with the students the importance of simply being the one God made them to be without feeling like they should somehow be different. I did this by comparing the apostles Peter and John. Each had a unique personality and processed life quite differently. My point was that to be an apostle (or minister on any level) you need only to be the one God made you to be, and to allow others to be different from you.

The word was very well received. (I have pictures but no way to download them here. I will post the pictures as soon as we return.)

I later spent time ministering to one of the major players in the ministry in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. He was very receptive to what Father was doing for him and in him.

Other reports will follow. Please continue to pray that Papa God will show up and love on the people.