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Purpose in Meltdown

08/23/2014 2 comments

We need to be okay with having a meltdown occasionally. Find out what Father wants to be for you there on the floor in a puddle of tears. Jesus had a melt-down in the garden; his tears were like drops of blood coming from his brow. A meltdown may be an indication that Father is about to do something radically different from what he has been doing in your life. It’s normal to cry out, “let this cup pass.” But then it’s time to listen for his will in the middle of the puddle.

We must work hard at seeking God’s will, but then we must rest in silence to receive the call that comes from beyond our garden. His intention is to glorify himself in the middle of your muddle. A meltdown is an invitation to seek the path in the sea. Paths in the sea? Yes. God’s way is always a mystery. It can’t be known through reason and logic. It can only be known by listening to the still small voice.

Sometimes his will is discerned while reading Scripture; sometimes it’s discerned while reading or listening to a teaching. Many people only read authors within their denominational backyard. They’re afraid to read someone who disagrees with them. If you never read anything you disagree with, you will only be exposed to what you already know. You’ll only find new ways to say what you were taught in the confines of your church school. You may be in the muddle because of some false perception of reality.

When I was about five years old, a new gas line had been placed under our yard. The trench was filled up and there were some small rocks on the surface. I remember picking up a rock that had little “sparkly” grains in it. I ran into the house to show Mom. “Mom, look at the sparkly rock,” I exclaimed. She pretended to be impressed, as most moms do. That was in the planes of New Mexico, far from the mountains.

My concept of an impressive rock changed when we went to the mountains for vacation. I was about nine years old at that time. My brother and I went exploring and found some petrified wood and petrified seashells. (Yes, petrified seashells on top of the mountains in New Mexico!) That’s when my curiosity began to move beyond my backyard.

So how do we get out of the mentality of the yard we grew up in? How do we come into the larger perspective of the kingdom of God? Visit another yard!

The first step out of a crisis is something that’s seldom experienced by those who only play theology in their denominational backyard: Humility. We begin our journey out of the puddle by acknowledging we don’t yet know everything, and that we could be wrong in what we think we already know. I’ve personally experienced several meltdowns. In the middle of the predicaments I learned to rest in “crunch time,” to sleep with Jesus in the bow of the boat in the middle of the storm, if you will. After the storm my understanding of life in the Spirit had been adjusted each time.

Writing what I’m struggling with in a journal has helped me discover what life is all about. As I read through what I’ve written, it’s easier to see the good than it was while I was in the middle of stuff. Several trips through the valley taught me to be as relaxed in the difficult times as I am in the good times. Life begins to take on an even keel when you learn to simply be with the one who promised to be with you at all times.

He is with us even when we feel like he is far, far away. As St. Augustine said, “he is closer to us than we are to ourselves.”

Fount Shults, President
On Word Ministries

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