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Father Was There

05/24/2014 2 comments

The room was silent; no one spoke, and no one moved.

The pastor dismissed the people, but no one budged from their seat. I had finished teaching these leaders about some pitfalls leaders fall into and how falling into the trap affects their relationships with their family and the church community. I also gave guidelines on how to overcome some of the results of falling into the trap . After asking for feedback there was only stillness. Obviously the people had really heard the word and were processing it. The silence itself was feedback that told me our Father had planted the word in deep in their heart.

Earlier in the day I had spoken to group of church leaders who are networking toward bringing unity among the churches in the greater Rochester area. As I sensed the spirit of these leaders I was encouraged. They are genuinely interested in unity beyond merely getting together for events. Their heart is to have the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace as each does his part in ministering to the community at large. There was good feedback from this group also. They discussed strategies to encourage those of different ministry focuses to flow in their gift. They also wrestled with the implication of the concept of unity I had presented.

Here are some of the questions they tossed around the room: How can we avoid having an agenda; or should we actually embrace an agenda? How can we know if we have an agenda we aren’t aware of? What do we do when we sense that someone else has an agenda contrary to what we’ve heard from God? How can we know we’ve really heard from God and not just come up with our own vision? There are no easy answers to any of these questions, but it’s good that these leaders were willing to bring the issues into public awareness. Each leader must find his or her own answer in the presence of Father God. Many wrestle with these questions without seeking wisdom from others.

These Rochester leaders know the need of listening to the wisdom of others. None of us have all the answers. That’s one reason why we need unity in the Body of Christ. In my opinion, these men and women are on the way to experiencing a new thing in the greater Rochester area.

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