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Africa Report and the New Year

Our trip to The Dominical Republic in the spring and two trips to Africa in the fall were very productive. The attendance in the Dominican Republic increased significantly and the final count of graduates in Nairobi, Kenya was 450. They were all bishops and pastors. Those bishops and pastors will take the school to their congregations next. We should have about 1000 new graduates this year.

This brief 7 min. testimony by Bishop Mophat Kilioba will present the value of our school better than I could. Bishop Mophat was one of my students in 1985 and is presently bishop over about 3,300 PEFA churches in Kenya. He is insisting all his leaders get an education through N2NCU. Our curriculum is available virtually free of charge to leaders in developing nations. Most of them have a full-time job in addition to pastoring. This is an affordable way for them to get an education without leaving their work.

In Kenya our team established new schools in a refugee camp in Northwestern Kenya. There are about 200,000 refugees there and several pastors among them serving about thirteen churches in the camp. Our plan was to establish schools in Burundi, but the civil unrest kept our team from going there. Instead our team went to Zanzibar to established new schools there. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania and is 98% Moslem. Bishop Mophat had a meeting with one of the top leaders of Islam on that Island, so they know what we are doing.

We will be probably returning to the Dominican Republic next spring with the HPIM team. There is a possibility that I will also go to Kenya again with HPIM. Our HPIM theme this year is “Understanding and Activating Spiritual Warfare.” I will return to Africa with N2NCU in the fall for the graduation. All three of these trips will require me to raise funds again.

Meanwhile I am beginning to schedule ministry here in the States. I will be in Pennsylvania with a deliverance ministry next week. The HPIM annual meeting in Sarasota, Florida will be March 8-10. Beyond that I have not yet scheduled ministry. My annual tour of Western NY will probably be in April, but no dates are set at this time.

We have an anonymous donor who has offered $500.00 per month matching funds for any new donors who will pledge a monthly amount for one year. If someone pledges $100.00 monthly, for example, that amount will be contributed by this anonymous donor, so the income to On Word will be $200. If we have $500.00 total new pledges, that will be matched. Let us know if you are interested in being part of this fundraising effort.

As usual, we are looking forward to a very productive year.

Fount Shults
President On Word Ministries


Report on Africa Trip

11/28/2015 1 comment

In early November AJ Baisch and I were privileged to speak at three seminars in Kenya. When we returned I had only two “work days” before I was scheduled to go to West Boylston, MA for a weekend ministry, then Thanksgiving came with a visit from our oldest son, LeRon, from Norway. I say all this as an “apology” for being so long to report on the Africa trip.

Harvest Preparation International Ministries (HPIM) sent AJ and me as a team to Kenya. They had arranged and promoted the seminars so that all we had to do was show up and teach. Our assigned topic was “Sent as Pure Light into Darkness.” Each of our three seminars attracted pastors and bishops from several different denominations. Without knowing the diversity of the groups, we spoke of the need for unity of the Spirit before our light would have any effect.

Our teaching and preaching dovetailed into one another with a great impact on the leaders present. It was like AJ’s preaching prepared the ground for my teaching and my teaching prepared the ground for his next message. All this was without any plan on our part. AJ is more like a motivator and I am more like an encourager. His messages motivated people to move “as one” and mine encouraged people to go forward in the unity of the kingdom.

At times, in all three seminars, we could almost feel the atmosphere vibrating with energy from what our Father was doing among the church leaders. We learned afterward that there had been some disunity and lack of cooperation hovering among them when the meetings were being planned. According to the reports of the bishops in charge of arranging the meetings, that disunity was healed completely by the time the sessions were over.

There were pastors and bishops from Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. I overheard a mention of one from The Congo, but I’m not certain. At any rate, the impact of our messages will make a difference in several of the nations in Africa.

Thanks to all of you who provided finances and prayed for us on this trip. We could not do what we do without your support and encouragement. Our “in country expenses” exceeded what we planned for. If we go again, we will be prepared.

On December 7 I will be going to Kenya again with N2NCU to participate in the graduation of about 1,000 students with an Associate’s Degree and some with a Bachelor’s Degree. If you would like to partner with us on this trip, send your check to On Word Ministries, 106 Ashford Ct, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 or go online and send it through our website: www.

Looking forward,
Fount Shults, President and Founder of On Word Ministries

Nairobi Seminar

We had about 100 bishops and pastors attending our seminar in Nairobi. Bishop Mophat Kilioba is the General Overseer of 3,130 PEFA churches (Pentecostal Evangelist Fellowship of Africa) in Kenya. He organized the seminar for the top leaders of the churches he oversees. He was one of my students at Elim in 1985-86, and testified before the group of how his life was profoundly affected while he was at Elim. I am honored to have been a part of his journey.

Bishop Mophat has a strategy to influence the entire nation of Kenya politically, economically and spiritually. His vision goes beyond pastors and churches. He is training his bishops and pastors to reach out to their communities. He is insisting that all his leaders use our N2NCU training to become educated. Many of those pastors have never had any Bible training at all, not even Sunday school. The ministry level of many of the pastors has increased greatly due to the training they have already received.

Bishop Mophat began with his bishops who oversee 18 regions and 300 districts. Each of these bishops is over several churches. Some of these churches have over 1,000 members. After training the top level leadership, the pastors of local church leaders will be next in line to receive the teaching and training, then the members will be included. The church as a whole will become educated in Bible and ministry.

They are also using the Community Development program of our sister organization, “Pursue Hope,” to reach out to their respective communities and teach practical ways to improve the life of the people. We have training on animal husbandry, agriculture, water purification, health and hygiene etc. These and other skills are much needed throughout the African nations. The pastors are using this program as an evangelistic tool. As the communities see the improvement of life in their area, they are already beginning to come to Christ. This includes many Muslims.

We will be graduating several hundred students next December with either an Associate’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree. This pressures me to record more classes next Spring. This will require preparation and travel expenses to go record the classes. The estimated cost for this project will be around $1600.00. If you would like to participate in this vision, send your contributions to On Word Ministries, 106 Ashford Ct, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588.

There are many other profound things to share, but those will have to wait until another blog. Hopefully I will have pictures to share soon. Our photographer will edit his pictures before he makes them available.

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Looking forward,
Fount Shults, Academic Dean, N2NCU
President, On Word Ministries,

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