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One Happy Lady

I will never forget the pain I saw in her eyes as Lynda and I ministered to her. Many in the Korean culture have little appreciation for women. When a girl is born in Korea, she is often unwanted. The parents want boys because a boy child is worth more in their eyes. This woman was the third girl born to her parents. They already had one boy, but they wanted another boy.

She was given over to her mother’s sister to get her out of the house. Although she was allowed to return to her mother, she continued to be rejected while her brother was honored. As you might imagine, she always wanted to be a boy so she could have value as a person. Even as an adult her mother continues to give good things to the brother and gives her nothing, not even attention. She was much in need of a touch from Father God.

During ministry she saw Jesus come and say he was happy she was a girl. She heard his voice.  He had knit her together in her mother’s womb. He had made a girl because he wanted a girl. She was deeply moved as she accepted her femininity. She felt the love of Father God and was healed of her self-rejection. She now has freedom.

We are done with our teachings here in Korea. It has been a very fruitful time of ministry as we shared the love of Father God with students in the various classes. Our hearts are full of gratitude for the privilege our Father gives us to share his love with so many people in so many places.

We will be returning to the USA Monday. I will be leaving almost immediately for Wallkill, New York to share with the Mid-Hudson Christian Church. I was close to this fellowship for many years while I was teaching at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY. I am looking forward to being with old friends and making some new friends.

By the way, on our website there are several teachings available for you to listen to online or download to an MP3 player without charge. We try to post a new teaching every month if we can. Any donations to help us continue to make these available without charge will be greatly appreciated.

Always looking forward,

Fount Shults