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Your Light has Come

It’s night in the church at large in America. Many are walking in the light of torches lit by the flesh. They think they’re in the light, but it’s a human light. Things are rapidly changing in our world as the light of Father God’s love is rising in the hearts of many. The glory of the rising Sun of Righteousness will far surpass the light of human torches. Faith will become sight for those who, like Abraham, “hope against hope” for the coming of the glory of our Father upon the American church. Arise, Shine!

Even though many in the church  lie prostrate on the ground, overcome by the sleep of self-security, the promise of the our Father God is that she will rise again. The night which brought her to the ground, intoxicated with dreams of greatness as she sleeps, that night of the so called “enlightenment” is now at an end. The words of Isaiah are appropriate for our day, “Arise, Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.”

The paradigm of Modernism, the paradigm of man’s self-importance, is shifting as the light of the dawning of a new day is already glowing on the horizon. Those who are still sleeping do not see this light. They are enamored with the dreams of their own human light as they sleep. But the rising of the glory of our God will become so bright that it will wake them from their slumber. Those who refuse to change will wake to resist the new thing; those who desire more will wake to enjoy Father’s manifest presence.

The renewed church will itself become a light to the nations as Isaiah said. This is already happening in China and in the Arab world. This light will bring unity and wholeness to all who walk in it, but those who are intoxicated with self-importance will walk away from it to avoid exposure. Those who walk away are exposed anyway, for they have rejected the the Father who loves unconditionally. This light of Father’s presence is a light that exposes us all in our weakness. It will continue to shine in a world in spite of the darkness that fills the earth.

It’s time to choose light. It’s time to reflect the light. It’s time to choose to love our neighbor. It’s never enough to have a doctrine of loving; we must actually do loving things for those our Father brings into our path. The light of righteousness is the light of love.

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