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Just Do It

“Fount, give me a call. I have a story from many years ago you will want to hear.” The message was waiting for me when I finished ministry and turned my phone back on.

It was the voice of Jimmy Darnel, a pastor I worked with in the early years of the Charismatic Renewal. When I called him back he told me this story:

“My son, Timothy, went to Nicaragua on a short term mission,” he began enthusiastically. “A pastor came to him and asked if he knew Jimmy Darnel.”

“Yes, he’s my dad,” Jimmy’s son answered.

“Well, then do you know Fount Shults?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Back in the 70s Brother Fount cast some demons out of me and my life has never been the same,” exclaimed the pastor.

Now, that was many years ago, and I’ve come a long way since that time. The process of helping people has become more effective and is much more refined than it was then. But our Father is faithful to help people in spite of our faulty understanding of how things work.Father loves his kids; join him in loving. If we wait until we understand everything perfectly before we reach out to help, we will never reach out.

We simply do today what we understand today. If tomorrow we learn something different, we’ll do things differently. But our Father ministers to people even when we are doing things wrong. I remember a time during those early days when a young college girl started weeping while I was ministering to her. I began casting out a “weeping spirit.” She experienced an awesome breakthrough in her life.

The following week I learned about healing emotional wounds. I realized God had been healing a broken heart while I was addressing a demon the week before. This experience gave me confidence to simply follow my ‘instinct’ and leave the results up to God. He’s the one doing it anyway. I just love God’s people with his love. He does it right even when I do it wrong.

I’m fully aware that the way I do things today may need adjustment. People are receiving freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit, not through my understanding of the process. “Apart from me, you can do nothing,” Jesus said. But I am not apart from him; I am with him and he is with me – even in my lack of understanding.

I’ve often said, “In and of myself I can do nothing. But I am not in and of myself; I am in Christ, and I am of God.” That perspective keeps me moving forward toward maturity and more effective ministry.

Join me in the light of day. Rise, shine, your light has come.

Fount Shults, President
On Word Ministries


One Happy Lady

I will never forget the pain I saw in her eyes as Lynda and I ministered to her. Many in the Korean culture have little appreciation for women. When a girl is born in Korea, she is often unwanted. The parents want boys because a boy child is worth more in their eyes. This woman was the third girl born to her parents. They already had one boy, but they wanted another boy.

She was given over to her mother’s sister to get her out of the house. Although she was allowed to return to her mother, she continued to be rejected while her brother was honored. As you might imagine, she always wanted to be a boy so she could have value as a person. Even as an adult her mother continues to give good things to the brother and gives her nothing, not even attention. She was much in need of a touch from Father God.

During ministry she saw Jesus come and say he was happy she was a girl. She heard his voice.  He had knit her together in her mother’s womb. He had made a girl because he wanted a girl. She was deeply moved as she accepted her femininity. She felt the love of Father God and was healed of her self-rejection. She now has freedom.

We are done with our teachings here in Korea. It has been a very fruitful time of ministry as we shared the love of Father God with students in the various classes. Our hearts are full of gratitude for the privilege our Father gives us to share his love with so many people in so many places.

We will be returning to the USA Monday. I will be leaving almost immediately for Wallkill, New York to share with the Mid-Hudson Christian Church. I was close to this fellowship for many years while I was teaching at Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY. I am looking forward to being with old friends and making some new friends.

By the way, on our website there are several teachings available for you to listen to online or download to an MP3 player without charge. We try to post a new teaching every month if we can. Any donations to help us continue to make these available without charge will be greatly appreciated.

Always looking forward,

Fount Shults

First School Complete

04/16/2014 3 comments

Our driver wound her way through several narrow side streets. There was hardly room for one car, yet we were facing other cars that were making it two-way traffic. She had to pull into a little niche while the other cars passed, then move forward a few yards and pull aside for another group of cars coming at us. The little korean shops on each side were bustling with customers as many pedestrians were also walking in the narrow street to find their way to their destination. We had just completed the first of four YWAM BEDTS (Business Egals Discipleship Training School) groups we will share with this year here in Seoul, Korea.

As we approached the apartment where we are staying, Lynda and I were remembering how the deep weeping and wailing had shifted to peace and joy as they experienced intimacy with our Father in response to the prayer ministry. The word of healing and deliverance had deeply impacted the students as our Father God came to free them from the emotional pain they were carrying, pain they didn’t even know they had before our lectures and personal  testimonies brought it to the surface. Jesus proved himself to be the burden-bearer once again and students experienced personal freedom.

Our second school is a night school. There are fewer students, but our expectation is that Father’s love will flow through the isles into the hearts of those who are attending. We have been with the leader of this school, Paul Choi, several times. He has become a good friend and we look forward to sharing in his school each time the main office assigns us to the Gang Seo evening school. We are expecting this group to experience Father’s embrace as the first school did.

Looking forward,

Fount and Lynda Shults

Journey to Freedom: 3 From Survivor to overcomer

In our previous blog we noticed that childhood survivor skills don’t work in adult life. When we use the childhood defense mechanisms as adults, we have trouble experiencing intimacy with God and with others. We learned how to survive as a child, but when we left home we had not overcome the abusers. Our defense mechanisms helped us get through it all, but we did not win. In other words, we were still standing when the combat was over, but we lost the battle.

We also noted that, because of the constant clash in childhood, we never learned to bond in a positive way. In fact, our staying power became a block to intimacy when we entered adult life. We found ourselves quite capable of engaging in combat with other adults, but inadequate in developing close relationships. Sometimes we even engaged in combat with our spouse and children because we had a need to win. We became just like the caregivers who abused us. This took the problem to the next generation.

As children we were totally dependent on caregivers. If those caregivers were abusive, we had no choice but to learn how to survive. Now that we are adults, however, we are responsible for our own lives and must overcome and develop adult skills that promote intimacy. The ability to promote intimacy requires a different set of aptitudes than survivor skills. Since we didn’t develop these skills in childhood, we must make a concerted effort to break old behavior patterns if we want to move from being a survivor to being an overcomer.

As adults our battle is no longer with those who may have abused us or neglected us when we were young. We lost that war. Now we are fighting against our victim issues which are now internalized. Without realizing it, we are trying to fight that internal war by competing with the significant others in our lives. We may play one-upmanship with our spouse and children, for example, as though our battle were with them. If our spouse also has unresolved issues from childhood, he or she will respond as though their conflict were with us. And the battle rages on.

We will never become overcomers by competing with others for kudos. We may win the skirmish, but we forfeit any possible intimacy. The first step to being an overcomer is to recognize that the real battle is with our childhood defense mechanisms. As long as we are blaming and attacking others, we are fighting the wrong opponent. Self-control is all about conquering the urge to react or withdraw when these internalized conflicts are influencing our perception of reality.

My father died when I was 22 years old, but the battle still raged inside me. My “internalized father” continued to speak those negative words to me long after he died. I continued to feel his voice telling me I was no good and would never amount to anything. As long as I focused on his abuse, I continued to think and react like a survivor. I would even respond to my wife as though she were putting me down when it was actually my internalized father.

The first step to overcoming is to recognize the internal conflict for what it really is. It is a battle we are still fighting with the ones who took unfair advantage of our vulnerability. When we hold on to the offense we are allowing them to continue to aggravate us even after we no longer live with them, even after they are dead. We have the power to change that, but it requires action.

The second step is to forgive and release our “adversary.” Many people have trouble forgiving because they think forgiving is letting the perpetrator off the hook. But we are the one that is on the hook because of un-forgiveness. When we forgive we are not saying, “It’s OK.” Sin is never OK. We’re saying, “Your sin is covered, and I release you from my grip.” This does not release them from their sins, but it sets us free from our internalized battle. When we take this step it begins a journey out of bondage into victory. We will become increasingly free to learn the skills necessary to develop intimate relationships.

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Looking Forward,
Fount Shults
President and Founder
On Word Ministries

Return to Intimacy 5 – Sonship

08/11/2011 1 comment

Intimacy is possible only when love is flowing both directions. If one loves and the other is selfish, there will be no intimacy even though the one who loves is totally open. Our model for intimacy is the Love which is God himself. He is open to those who reject his love. He was even willing to send heaven’s treasure to bless them.

How does this apply to sonship?

God IS love – the Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father in the love of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to be a child of God means to be born into the loving community of the Trinity, to be identified with the Son. For children, life is all about them. You have probably noticed that children don’t always behave properly. But they never cease to be children of their father.

It’s different with sons. In Scripture the term son (include daughter) refers to a level of maturity where the child begins to see life in terms of the father’s desire. A son no longer insists on his own way. Jesus did only what his Father doing (John 5:19). He was a true Son, and he is the example we are called to follow.

We were created in his image, in the image of love. We will never find fulfillment outside give-and-receive relationships with others. We can be alive without that fullness, but we will never be fully what we were created to be. To be in love (in God’s love) is not a feeling, it’s a position under one who loves you and who is committed to your wellbeing (not necessarily to your comfort).

Submission to God is allowing his love to flow into you and out from you to others in your circle whom he loves. Intimacy with Abba is experienced as he loves others through you – even if it hurts. Jesus’ love for us caused him great pain. Those who try to use God as a security blanket or a teddy bear will never experience this intimacy.

True sonship is really more about our Father than about us as sons. Jesus said, “A son can do nothing on his own accord, but only what he sees his father doing.” He did not say, “I can do nothing,” he said “a son can do nothing.” This was probably a proverb referring to the fact that sons learned the family business by following their fathers. So the term son refers to a relationship with a father, not just being born into a family.

The story of the prodigal son is really about our Father God who sent his Son Jesus to tell that story to the elder brothers of his day. Elder brothers (those whose welcome is only for people who do it right) never experience intimacy. They are what psychologists call Adult Children. They have grown up physically, but they are still in bondage to behavior patterns and ways of relating that are childish.

We can understand the concept best if we notice the way the apostles gave Joseph the nickname Barnabas (Acts 4:36). Barnabas means son of encouragement. His character and behavior reflected the virtue of encouragement. You are a son of the one whose character you reflect. If the people in your circle gave you a nickname, what would it be? Whose son are you?

Mexico Report

We are back in the States now. Ready for the next project.

The Mexico trip was very successful. I ministered to a leadership group from the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Ther were about 450 pastors and leaders there. I sharred on the principles Lynda and I use in prayer ministry and many of the leaders received a level of freedom.

I also sharred at three churches in Morelia, Mexico where the leaders were gathered. All the teachings were centered around the same theme and the leaders were encouraged to get the CD’s from the teachings they were not able to attend. The results will continue as these men and women go back to their local churches and share with their people.

Our Next Project:

A pastor in Pakistan invited me to preach to his church through Skype this Fraiday (morning our time). This will be a new experience for me. Pray that the translator will get the heart of the message and communicate clearly to their people.

I will keep you posted.


Return to Intimacy 4

In our first blog, (Trouble Hearing from God), we learned that there are laws in the social world. If we disregard the laws, our relationships are damaged just as our face is damaged when we disregard the law of gravity. In Return to Intimacy #1 we saw the need to receive Father’s forgiveness, and then we learned to forgive others in #2. We saw in #3 that intimacy is only possible when both partners are open, and that Father has proven himself trustworthy as one who is open to you even in your shame.

Now we turn to the next step: Recognizing and renouncing the lies we have believed. Here we speak of lies we feel are true even though we know in our mind they are false. We call them “heart-felt beliefs” Our words and our behavior in moments of stress always come out of how we feel toward the situation. The fact that we know better is revealed when we regret our words or our actions. The problem is that it’s too late when we notice the words or deeds were wrong.

Our life flows out of what we feel in our hearts (Prov. 4:23). As long as we feel like (believe) the lies are true, we will continue to say and do things we know are inappropriate. It is the heart-felt beliefs that influence us to do things that do not bring glory to our Father. Paul defined sin as falling short of (failing to reflect) the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). With this definition even preaching can be sin if we use preaching to glorify ourselves.

The major category of lies we believe is what Arthur Burke calls legitimacy lies. These lies have to do with what makes us feel significant. “I am significant when I can drink more than the next guy,” or “I am significant when I can make my wife submit.” The most atrocious of these legitimacy lies are the religious lies. “I am significant when I pray longer, preach better, worship more enthusiastically than others.” The first lie causes one to drink too much. The second causes one to be harsh with his wife. The third breeds religious pride and hypocrisy.

The difficulty is when we try to discover the lies we have buried in our hearts. We are not consciously aware of these heart-felt lies. They swim around under the surface waiting for an opportunity to devour the bait the enemy throws in the water. We seldom think about it, but a fisherman lies to the fish, “This is good for you,” the fisherman says. The desire for food is not the fish’s problem. The fish believes the fisherman’s lie.

So how do we bring the lies to the surface of consciousness so we can renounce them and break their power over our life? It’s really simple. Listen to your inner conversations with yourself. But don’t just listen for words. The language of the heart is imagery. Pornography works on the imagination by presenting pictures that say, “This will really make you feel more like a man.” When you believe that lie, you’re hooked by the other fisher of men.

Spend some time asking Father to show you the lies you have believed. Journal his answer and write out the lies. Take them one at a time and repent for ‘believing’ that lie and for living your life as though it were true. Forgive anyone who may have contributed to your believing that lie. Receive Father’s forgiveness and allow him to cleans you of this iniquity (I John 1:9). Pause to receive deeply in your spirit. Don’t rush this.

Then renounce the lie and verbally break its power over your life. The final step is to listen to Jesus and the Spirit of Truth as he shows you the truth that will replace the lie. When he shows you, journal his answer and review it daily until it settles in your spirit.