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Reaching Pastors in Kenya

Our outreach to Africa was very fruitful last year. We were blessed to find a man from the Congo who had translated French/English for the United Nations. He agreed to translate our N2NCU curriculum into French for less than one third of what it would normally cost. Since many African nations, including the Congo, are French speaking, this is a door of opportunity to influence thousands of pastors in Africa who we would not be able to reach otherwise. We are already in contact with a bishop in the Congo who oversees 8,000 churches.

We have already established several schools in Kenya with the 3,300 PEFA churches. AJ Baisch and I will be going to Kenya in November to do several seminars with another group of churches. We have 8 seminars scheduled over a two week period.

Our focus is training and encouraging leaders. When we touch the lives of the leaders we also touch the lives of those who are under their care. This is more efficient than spending time with only one pastor and one group. This trip will cost about $2,100.00. That will cover airfare and in country expenses. We need to purchase tickets by the end of September.

If you like to get the most “bang” for your mission’s giving, this is the time and the place. You will be helping us build up hundreds of pastors in Kenya. Their churches will benefit from the impartation they receive while we are there. Make checks payable to On Word Ministries, 106 Ashford Ct. Myrtle Beach, SC 29588 or contribute online at http://onword.org/donate.htm

Please be in prayer for the trip – especially for divine appointments and connections. Thank you for your prayers and your gifts. Your offerings make this ministry possible.

Fount Shults

On Word Ministries http://www.onword.org

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